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    Dalizzl Terminal.

    The most complete terminal of the world.

    Accept payments and sell products customer-based oriented everywhere on the palm of your hand.

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Grow your business with us. We bring the perfect tools for accept global current and future payments, manage your products, services and people, offer exclusive promotions and rewards to your customers and help you with smarter decisions with our AI.

  • Accept payment cards from everywhere

    Accept all major debit and credit cards from customers in every country: Dalizzl Card, ACH credit, Alipay, ApplePay, Bancontact, Credit cards, GiroPay, GooglePay, iDEAL, Multibanco, SEPA, SOFOT, P24, WeChatPay and more coming.

  • Serious security and compliance.

    We know that have critical data for your customers. All the Dalizzl Ecosystem brings first world-class secury making fast and secure each transaction, recurrent payment and every step that you make on our platform. Your commerce powered by anti-fraud technology, PCI DSS Level 1 Certification and Pulsech AI Cloud Systems that delivers the best experience that delight your customers and help to coworkers.

  • More that a catalog, a redefined way for promote your products.

    Your customers always need to know all your options, other products or recomendations that helps to take a decision. We know that sometimes it can be complicated manage all the products that sell and follow on real-time your changes. We make the most easy way to resolve this equation bringing a smarter inventory that respond to all your requirements from your work side and attent the customer neccesities.

  • Transform the definition of commerce interaction.

    Say hello to the digital century for your commerce. Build the enterprise that you always dream for customers that visit your commerce and delight customers that can discover your commerce from any part of the world. Expand your market, and bring the interaction that needs the industry for make each customer interaction in a unforgettable moment.

We bring the perfect and smart tools for lead your markets offering a unexceptional customer experience helping to merchants to focusing in the real value of your commerce: your products or services.

Daniel Gómez

Pulsech CEO

  • Create loyalty users that love your products

    Sometimes one of your challenges is how to gain and retain customers for make a successful commerce. We know that is difficult to make a magic potion but can help to you to resolve this question. Prepare promotions and automated rewards that your customers love with our intelligent and easy to use pltaform that allows to discover what is exactly your market and how a simple change of price, promotion, or reward can build happy customers that preffers your brand as your favourite option for buy.

  • Sell your products to the world.

    We improve your customer experience and help to take decisions about your business, the rest is focus on the real value of your commerce: your product or service, the rest leave on our platform that works for you. Prepare for expand your business, open new locations, sell in other cultures, languages, countries or realities, we have the perfect tools that prepare your business to cross different challenges of the real or virtual world.

Ready for expand your commerce to the world?

Join to the hundreds of merchants, bussiness and commerces that on December 2019 can be run our the power of our platform in your phone.