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    Dalizzl Wallet.

    Payments for the rest of us.

    The unique wallet that allows to make payments with everyone and everywhere.

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Commercing like always can be.

Pulsech and your favourite brands we launching a revolutionary platform for bring the best experience for you..

  • Customer-first.

    No more awaitings, more crazy lines or another not perfect dish. When we developed Dalizzl, our entire company understands that the first person who want to impact is you: the customer. Focusing on you we create an entire platform for serve products and services across devices and merchants unificating the processes but pushing to merchants from any size to think in you and next, think how to create the best customer experience. The result: an exceptional service that you love use and pay with it because always we want to offer the best experience for you.

  • Innovation at the core.

    Remember the last time when something went bad with your last purchased?. A bad size? A failure service? Many steps transform your shopping visit in a nightmare? No more with us. We offer the unique revolutionary and innovation-first platform to any merchant for amaze you each day. Commerces now have the opportunity to enrich your life everyday, help to discover what are you looking and delight your visit at your location. But the best very important for you is that merchants never have access to your information, your data are not sell to third-parties and all the AI is focused on privacy-first. Simple. Easy. Secure.

  • Ready for the future.

    Today our affiliated commerces accept all major credit and debit VISA, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO and AMEX cards, digital popular payments across the world like as Alipay, WeChat, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Microsoft among others and accept more that 125 currencies today, but the industry changes quickly and we research new ways for payments in the future. We're make a promise for customers and commerces: bring the best, innovative and trustable payment services for offer the best customer experiences. We're open to extraterrestrial currencies.

  • Introducing a revolution on payments.

    Dalizzl Card

    A contactless card directly from your phone.

    The first card for pay and win with each purchase. The innovation from Pulsech, the experience of the Dalizzl.

    • Secure and simple

      Make each payment with respect for your privacy and security. Each transaction generates a unique token that helps to make the payment but commerces never know more information about you.

    • Saving Day

      Set limits by day, by week or month for your consume. Control what you spend, inclusive limit commerces categories, locations and more. You have a complete control of your money.

    • Payments Radar

      Forget old times when you don't know what can be each pay that appers, where your realize or the nightmare of the recurring payments. You always identify each transaction and control what are you paying.

    • Pointless

      Use everyday your card and get exclusive access to events, promotions or discounts. Get travels, up to 100%off discounts and more! Forget the points, get rewards.


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