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Pulsech codename "San Francisco".

A collaborative space that allows to make organized information always available across devices and the cloud.

The Post-Storage Era starts here.

Always available and on-demand storage with militar-grade security across devices, cloud and teams.

  • Security and privacy

    We build a secure system that keep your files with advance security options using 256 bit AES encryption and SSL/TLS secure tunnel for transport from your devices to the cloud.

  • Backup your life and work

    If your PC is stolen or missing, don't enter in panic mode. You can restore always your files from the cloud. Or if you need restore any previous file, you can travel in time and pickup your files.

  • Syncs like a pro

    You can access always-available on demand your files from the cloud or sync selective for folders, people or applications for continue your work on the go.

  • Collaboration for the rest of us

    A new multi-thread collaboration allows to increase your productivity in a non-destructive auto saving that allows to share your work on real-time.

  • Better with apps + developers

    The future starts with us. We bring a secure sandbox on the cloud for save your files across anything that allows to developers to found a trustable option and always free for save and sync user data.